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Quality Assurance

Since its inception, the garden treats all its customers as family.
Hope that every family can use the most natural, high-quality and strictly selected maintenance products, so from research and development, production, to finished products,
We all uphold the same sense of faith strict control, want to the most natural, left to the dearest you.
Therefore, we insist on the use of high-quality essential oils, working with French essential oil suppliers, are in line with the EU and Taiwan standards.



Why essential oil perfumes?
In addition to the odor characteristics of essential oil perfume, its source and emitted energy, not only their surrounding energy changes, the atmosphere of the home will also change.
Why do we use wine to make perfumes?
The alcohol contained in pure wine is safe to consume alcohol.
:: Why don't we choose to make "alcohol-free perfumes"?
Non-alcoholic perfumes need to be synthesized with chemical agents, essential oils and water do not pass through chemical action, there is no way to balance, unless it is chemical fragrance synthesis.
純酒裡面所含的酒精,是安全的食用酒精 。
* 為什麼我們不選擇製造「不含酒精的香水」?

  The persistence of the garden fragrance
Because essential oil perfumes change the scent with the individual's ferromont, there will be no fixed fragrance,
Therefore, the big brands of perfumes on the market, in order to avoid disputes with customers, as well as the issue of return, but for your health, we still choose essential oil-made perfumes.




Taiwan flower essential oil perfume series.

TING YUAN's heritage classics, with fragrance to continue vitality, from organic plant elements, nature's aromatic essential oil to replace the general spices, select new flower material, with the appropriate pure wine soak, will be each flower flavor fragrance, exude your distinctive charm! 1. Raw material selection: flower material from non-toxic farm of the current season flowers.
2. Time-consuming to make: the soaking of the vase, as well as the combination of essential oils, takes at least 300 days to make a bottle of Taiwan flower essential oil perfume.
3. Quality control steps: from the flower farmers began to plant flowers to harvest, have experienced strict customs, 10 kg of flower material screened only about 3 kg can be used to soak to make.
4. Season Limit: Taiwan Flower Essential Oil Perfume Series only use the current season's flowers, perfume will often be out of stock a limited number of products.

TING YUAN的傳承經典代表作,以香氛延續生命力,來自有機植萃元素,大自然的芳療精油取代一般的香料,精選新鮮花材,搭配合適的純酒浸泡,將每款花調香氛發輝的淋漓盡致,散發您與眾不同的魅力!1.原料選用:花材來自無毒農場的當季鮮花

British essential oil perfume series.

FOIL, whose full name is Fragrance Oils International Limited, was founded in the UK in 1967 by Denis Carter and has offices around the world in Manchester, England.
Over the past 50 years in the cosmetics and fragrance industry, the development of suitable for all types of daily fragrance essence, such as: perfume applications (perfume blending, DIY fragrance, etc.), personal care (such as bath milk, shampoo, maintenance products, cosmetics, etc.), home fragrance (such as detergents, clothing aromas, cleaning agents), environmental fragrances, and even for customers to mix the exclusive fragrance.
英國香氛製造廠 FOIL
FOIL全名稱為Fragrance Oils International Limited,由Denis Carter在1967年時於英國創立,總公司位於英國英格蘭,曼徹斯特(Manchester),分公司遍及世界各地。

Start perfume line.

The master of life theory designated fragrance, essential oil is with five lines of energy to do harmony, to the energy of strong essential oil perfume, in addition to negative energy, steady positive air, attract peach blossoms, noblepeople, wealth, is the first choice for the operation.